Friday, 25 May 2012

Συνέντευξη Αλ. Τσίπρα στο Channel 4

Ενδιαφέρουσες απαντήσεις (και όχι μόνο αυτές που αφορούν στη θεωρία της πυρηνικής αποτροπής).

Μεταξύ άλλων:

It's a European problem.So it's win-win to find a solution without austerity, without internal devaluation – but, of course, with some structural reforms that we need to do. But, of course, with a real solidarity. Of course, we need a Marshall Plan, not only for Greece but also for all the countries of southern Europe

We are obliged to keep the basic commitments which come from the treaty and the terms of our admission in the EU. It is not one of the founding principles either of EU or eurozone to implement austerity programmes that have already failed.

I don't believe that something like this can happen. I don't believe it could happen because when Mrs Merkel talked to the BBC and said that if one country leaves, the next day we have to start looking for the next one, it might be Italy, it might be Spain. Italy has a 1.9tr euro deficit, Greece has only 350bn euro deficit, so I don't believe something like this could happen.

I believe we find ourselves in a situation equivalent to the one the US found itself in with Russia, back during the days of the cold war. Both sides had nuclear weapons in their hands, and both sides threatened to push the button and activate. When you have a cold war neither side will back down, so now we don’t expect Mrs Merkel or Mr Cameron to back down either. We are quite sure that when the time comes, logic will prevail and they will not activate their nuclear weapons.

The first thing that we will do is to cancel in the Greek parliament the measures that Greek parliament adopted. The measures which make the recession deeper, the measures which force us to sink deeper into crisis. The second thing will be to look for alliances in the European south with the countries which find themselves in a similar situation to us - with Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy.
The second step would be to try and start a dialogue with France. ... We will also go to Madame Merkel and ask her to realise that she bears a big responsibility because she decides in the name of all the people in Europe and all the people in Germany, to change her political message in order to save Europe. Or else, all of Europe will blow up and this is not in anyone's interest.

My conscience is clear because I tell the Greek people the truth. And I am fighting to create the necessary conditions to stop this downward spiral of Greek people towards misery. If it is necessary for a short period of time, for the Greek people to go through rough times, I am sure that our programme with the left in power, we will do the best we can. We will distribute the wealth in a fair manner and create the necessary conditions for the economy to bounce back.

We definitely want to move on with restructuring. But the austerity measures on the 6 May became a dead letter. On the 17 June, they will be part of history.

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